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Top 3 Hikes Around New Buffalo

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Adventure is all around us here on southern Lake Michigan! Here are three of the top hikes to take around our New Buffalo town. All of these are wonderful day trips and include views of Lake Michigan!

1. Warren Dunes State Park

Located just twenty minutes east of New Buffalo on Red Arrow Highway, Warren Dunes is a beautiful hike with over 8 miles of trail hiking, campgrounds, and beach views. Beautiful blue Lake Michigan can be seen from the highest peaks of the sand dunes. You can follow the paths or make your own as you trek through the peaks and valleys.

2. Portage Lakefront and River Walk

Take a stroll and enjoy the beach or behind the scene hiking at the Portage Lakefront. Located in Indiana just off the highway, this is a wonderful 1/2 day hike for a beautiful morning sunrise, midday picnic hike on the beach, or classic Midwest Lake Michigan sunset.

3. Indiana Dunes National Park

Hiking, camping, and fishing are only some of the outdoor activities adventurers can enjoy at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. 14 distinct trail systems, 50 miles of trails, and pets welcome! This natural ecosystem provides hours of unique hiking in Northwest Indiana just south of Chicago, Illinois, and a short twenty minutes west of New Buffalo on Red Arrow Highway.

All photographs are provided by local photographer Michelle Nozykowski. Visit her website to see more photographs of local Lake Michigan adventures including landscape, seascape, and wildlife photographs here: Michelle Nozykowski Outdoor Photographer

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