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3 Local Outdoor Sports In and Around New Buffalo

1. Zoy Adventures (Website)

Experienced adventurer and outdoor leader for group events, Al Mussman continues to lead groups of outdoor explorers through the local waters and trails. A core belief with Zoy Adventures is that every adventurer is capable of learning how to safely self guide an outdoor adventure for beginners and experienced athletes alike. With the tag line "Turn Off, Get Out, Stretch, Sweat and Connect...with Creation, Community, Core and the Intangibles", Zoy Adventures hosts weekly adventures combining multiple activities and map reading. An example of such adventure may include:

"2 person teams leap frog by sharing 1 SUP and 1 bike. The first team to finish both people gets the prize: all the green fries they can catch. On the Wednesdays we will be a little casual as needed and help those who need to understand the course (maps will be provided) and the strategies (the best secrets will be withheld of course)".

Sign up for the Zoy Adventures email list to become part of the outdoor adventure community in and around New Buffalo.

2. Third Coast Surf Shop (Website)

Have you seen surfers on Lake Michigan? Have you Kayaked the Galien River? Have you paddle boarded around the Saint Joseph Lighthouse? Have you sand boarded at Warren Dunes State Park. All of these outdoor adventures are at your feet and an incredible experience in our Southwest Michigan landscape. Check out Third Coast Surf Shop.

Kayak the local waters of Lake Michigan, the Galien River, and the Paw Paw River. You'll find private lessons, group lessons, and rentals available at 3 locations throughout our local rivers through Third Coast Paddling (Website). Rent your gear and explore the waters around the Galien River, Paw Paw River, and Silver Beach locations.

Surfing and Paddleboard

Stand Up paddle boards, skim boards, and surf boards will all be found at the surf shop! Take a surf lesson with an experienced instructor and learn the basics of navigating the waters with your board.

Sandboarding: Take a lesson and learn how to sandboard in our amazing dunes at Warren Dunes State Park! Similar to snowboarding, you can hike the dunes with your board, wax the board, and coast down the dunes practicing turns and controlling speed. Check out rental and lesson information here: Third Coast Surf Shop Sandboarding.

*Gift cards are available for lessons and gear.

3. Stoke Riders (Website)

Kiteboarding is an increasingly popular water sport on Lake Michigan! Look for big winds, big kites, and adventurous watermen! Stoke Riders is one of the local resources for kiteboarding lessons, training, and gear serving the Lake Michigan area. IKO instruction and certifications are provided by Stoke Riders. Gear repairs and new purchases are also available. Check out their website and their Instagram page for more information and awesome photographs!

All photographs provided by outdoor sports photographer Michelle Nozykowski.

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