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The 3 Best Places to Run in New Buffalo, Michigan

I love to run! It's a great way to relieve stress, work out, and burn off all the calories from eating at Redamak's. When I first started running in New Buffalo, I didn't know where to go, but after trying a bunch of routes, these are my three favorites.

1) Turtle Creek Preserve

This is a forest preserve off the beaten path. It has a short trail that is a little less than a mile. This is a great place to run if you want to get out of the sun and enjoy the forest. It's also relatively short which makes it a fast fun and easy trail.

Address: 12255 Lubke Rd, New Buffalo, MI 49117

2) Marquette Drive

This is a slightly hilly road that runs parallel with the lake. It is lined with massive lake houses that keep you entertained while running. This road is also shaded by many trees, so it does a good job of keeping the sun off of you. This road goes on for miles. This is perfect for long-distance runners. I have done a few 10 milers on this road and have always been surrounded by good company. The people around here are so friendly.

Address: 612 Marquette Dr, New Buffalo, MI 49117

3) The Beach

Now, I will admit, this is a more advanced location to run. There is no shade and your feet sink every step you take. If you want to get a hard workout in, this is the location (just make sure to bring some sunscreen). If you run along the public beach and keep running into the private beaches, you will eventually get to a point a mile out where there are too many rocks, and have to turn around. Round trip this is 2 miles, but honestly feels more like 5.

Address: New Buffalo Lighthouse, 301 Marquette Dr, New Buffalo, MI 49117

Let me know if I missed any spots! Always down to do more adventuring.

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