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Wendy Schultheiss

Born and reared in St. Joseph, Michigan, Wendy

Schultheiss returned home after twenty years of living in

New York and major European cities, including London,

Munich, Frankfort, and Dublin. One of her passions has

been visiting and studying at major museums

throughout Europe and the United States.. the Louvre in

Paris, the Leopold in Vienna, the Pinakothek Der Modeme

in Munich and The Galleria Lorcan O'Neill Roma in Rome

as well as the Art institute in Chicago and the

Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern

Art in New York.

While she took courses in various mediums, she

was drawn to more abstract themes that

presented a quietly reflective, meditative

perspective. Her black and white pieces have a

strong African-Asian feel and move the viewer

inward, creating insights into the personal journey

toward meaning. Recently, her newer and larger

acrylic abstracts reveal her ability to create

movement on the canvas that both expands the

viewer's outlook and, simultaneously, focuses on

the detail in the moment. Her work is a meditation.

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