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Communal Art Space

We need your input! We are looking into creating a communal art space that contains art workstations, supplies, a sink, a photographic portrait studio, a fridge, a coffee bar, and more. On the right, are renderings of what it will look like.

Our goal is to make an inspiring space for artists to work in, at any time of the day. A subscription to this space would cost around $55/month with a $50 new member activation fee. This would include a key fob so you have access to the space 24/7. 

We will NOT be selling many memberships! Right now, we are offering a $100 pre-buy membership that will lock in your spot and give you your first 4 months free. We will also waive the $50 activation fee. The money made from the pre-buys will be going directly into funding the space and giving us an idea for the demand for it. If you purchase a pre-buy and we decide not to build this, all money will be returned.

We want to know what you think. Would you use a space like this? What amenities would you want that we forgot? Please email your questions, comments, and concerns to

We are expecting this to be open by April of 2022.

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